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Alberobello – home to Trulli houses

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One of the prettiest areas we visited in Apulia was the Itria valley. The area is scattered with beautiful Trulli houses. Trulli houses are round stone houses, typical for the area around Bari. The most famous place where numerous Trulli are found is Alberobello and it is under Unesco’s protection. (In our trip to Apulia, we visited another Unesco heritage site Matera) Trulli were usually built as temporary shelters on the field and could be quickly disassembled and then build back at some other place. Their origin is unknown, but a popular story is that they were invented to evade taxes – only stable and permanent structures were taxed. Trullis, however, could be disassembled and could not be taxed. They say that by building Trulli, people made fun of the lord who wanted to tax them.

Alberobello is the capital of the Trulli houses. It is indeed a beautiful town with numerous Trulli houses and their conical roofs. We were there on a beautiful sunny day and except two Dutch tourists which we have seen on every corner, there were not many other tourists. It was amazing to have a place like this to ourselves! Because we were there off-season, most of the stores and restaurants were closed and it was challenging to find a place for lunch. Some places have viewpoints on the roof and it is worth climbing up to get a better view of the roofs. Some roofs of Trulli houses are painted with symbols, usually of the religious meaning of some sort of protection. - Alberobello, Italy

In the streets of Alberobello. - Trulli houses, Alberobello, Italy

The roofs of trullis are painted with symbols for protection. - Alberobello, Italy

On the roofs of the trullis. - Church in Alberobello, Italy

Even the church in Alberobello is in the shape of the trulli. - Italian food, Alberobello, Italy

Food in Alberobello: traditional pasta orecchiete with tomato sauce, rocket and cheese, pasta with mushrooms , pasta with cream sauce and brioche and coffee for breakfast,

Other nice villages around Alberobello are Cisternino, Locorotondo and Martina Franca and they can all be visited in a day or two. Also there, most of the places were closed. For next time, we should remember that in off-season open restaurants are not so easy to find as in summer. - Locorotondo, Italy

Locorotondo is circularly shaped and on top of a hill. It is one of the beautiful villages near Alberobello. - Locorotondo, Italy

In the streets of Locorotonto. - Cisternino, Italy

Cisternino is another beautiful little village in Itria valley. - Cisternino, Italy

In the streets of Cisternino - In the streets of Ostuni, Italy

In the streets of Ostuni. - Ostuni, Italy

The white city of Ostuni.

Our dream was to stay in a trulli house while being in Apulia. And for three nights, we made that true! It was located in the countryside between Alberobello and Martina Franca and the surroundings were beautiful – more Trulli houses, of course! 🙂 In Apulia, it is very hot in summer and the shape of the trulli houses is adapted to the heat – each room has a high conical ceiling and all the heat goes up, keeping the house nicely cool also in the summer. In winter, however, this is not so useful. Although our trulli was nice, it was cool on the inside – from 16 °C we reached 20 °C after three days of constant heating, but it was worth it 🙂 The coolness during the winter is why locals also in winter have doors mostly open. - Our trulli, Itria valley, Italy

While we were in Apulia, this trulli was our home.

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