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Delicious seafood of the Apulian coast

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The whole coast of Apulia was scattered with charming little coastal towns which were perfect for a quick stroll and a coffee. One of the most charming places we visited on the coast was Polignano a Mare. (Although around Lecce the seaside was also amazing and you can read about it in another blog .

Getting into Polignano a Mare was already eventful. There was a band playing cheerful songs on the main square in front of the church, and after a while, we figured out that there was a funeral. 🙁 Polignano a Mare is perched on the top of rocks and caves. I don’t think you can actually get closer to the sea when you are at the edge of Polignano a Mare. It was relaxing walking around the empty streets although it would be nice to have some restaurants or cafes open. In summer, the beach of Polignano a Mare is full (according to tourists guides and photos), but in February, we were there alone. One of the famous people coming from Polignano a Mare is a singer Dominico Modugno which you probably know by the song Volare. - Polignano a Mare, Italy

Strolling in Polignano a Mare - Polignano a Mare, Italy

Statue of a famous singer, born in Polignano a Mare – Domenico Modugno. You may know him by the song Volare. - Seafood, Torre a mare, Italy

In Torre a mare we tried one of the best seafood ever! Pasta with prawns, grilled octopus, squid and prawns and fried prawns, fish and squid.

Another coastal town we visited was Trani. Trani at first seemed full as it was challenging to get a parking spot, but again, in the old part of the town, there was only us. It was windy and not comfortable at all, although still in less than perfect weather, Trani was beautiful. It was a typical Italian seaside town with narrow alleys, historical buildings, and harbor. For lunch, we tasted delicious sandwich with octopus and fried fish. I must admit that the seafood in Apulia was one of the best! - Trani, Italy.

Harbor in Trani. - Trani, Italy

Cathedral in Trani - Polignano a Mare, Italy

Strolling in Polignano a Mare - Castle in Trani, Italy

Schwabian castle in Trani.

On the other side of the Italian heel, there is Taranto, a port town. Taranto, opposed to other towns we visited in Apulia, faces Ionian sea. (Others face the Adriatic sea.) There is an interesting story connected to the name Taranto. Namely, when the locals were bitten by a local type of spider, they frantically danced to sweat the poison of the spider. The poison wasn’t actually dangerous, but the dancing did its trick and the spiders their name – tarantella. In Taranto, you can visit a beautiful Aragonese castle. We also had a delicious cake with the view over the sea. 🙂 - Taranto, Italy

Aragon castle in Taranto.

There was so much to see that we ran out of time for Bari which is a capital of Apulia. We were there only for two hours before our flight and ate one last pasticciotto and drank one last delicious Italian coffee. But this just means that we have to go back to Apulia.


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