- The Grand Place, Brugges, Belgium

Bruges – town with 3 km long beer pipe

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Bruges is one of the cutest Belgian towns. Its old part is under UNESCO’s protection. Bruges is called the Venice of the North because it has many canals. The heart of the town is the Grand Place which is a huge square encircled with historical buildings.

While we were there they were just putting on the Christmas lights and artificial snow on the Christmas trees. Too bad we weren’t there a week later because it seemed it will be a great Christmas market! - Canals in Bruges, Belgium.

There was a beautiful autumn scenery around the canals in Bruges. - Provincial Court, Bruges, Belgium

The Grand Place is in the heart of the Bruges. There are several historic buildings surrounding it, one of them being the Provincial Court. - City Hall, Bruges, Belgium

City Hall in Bruges is from the 14th century and is a beautiful Gothic building.

In Bruges we had time to visit one museum and we decided for a beer museum which is a part of still operating brewery. They guided us through the whole process – sprouting of the grain, preparing the malt, boiling the liquid, fermentation, cooling down and second fermentation. Nowadays, the process is mostly automated. Interestingly – the bottling plant is not at the same location as the factory where beer is made. A few year ago they build a 3 km long tunnel through which beer is pumped as soon as it is ready. Did you know that the color of beer depends on the temperature at which malt is processed – higher temperature makes the malt more dark and the beer is then dark as well. - View over Bruges, Belgium

From the top of the brewery there is a nice view over Bruges. - In the beer museum of the Brugse Zot brewery.

In the beer museum of the Brugse Zot brewery.

After a beer after the brewery tour we finished the day in Belgian style – with a large portion of french fries with a lot of mayonnaise. 🙂 But more on that in a blog on Belgian food.

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