- Saint Bavo's Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium

Ghent – city of churches, noses and rain

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Most of my time in Belgium I spent in Ghent. Ghent is a cute town with a beautiful historical centre. The old part is situated between the Korenmarkt and the castle Gravensteen. Ghent was an important place already in the Middle Ages. There are many sights – churches, city hall, town market, museums. In the Museum of design there is currently a great exhibition – Hello, robot. It shows the role of robots in our life and where this could lead us. - The Ghent Markethall, Ghent, Belgium

The Ghent Market hall is loved by some and hated by others as it quite different from the traditional architecture in the center. You can judge for yourself 🙂 - Saint Nicholas' church, Ghent, Belgium

Center of Ghent is full of magnificent old buildings like Saint Nicholas’ church.

One of the fun activities is taking a boat along Ghent’s channels. The ride is much shorter than in Amsterdam but there is still plenty to see. Most of the time, I just strolled around Ghent. With my sister, we tried the traditional Belgian waffles and french fries. - Ghent, Belgium

Ghent was build on water and taking a channel cruise is a fun thing to do. - Waffles, Ghent, Belgium

Belgian specialty – waffles with chocolate and cream. Delicious! 🙂 - Gravensteen, Ghent, Belgium

Everytime I passed by the Gravensteen I was impressed with its size and medieval look. - The Graffiti street, Ghent, Belgium

One of the more modern sights in Ghent is the Graffiti street. - Saint Bavo's Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium

Saint Bavo’s Cathedral is also impressive. - Saint Michael's church, Ghent, Belgium

Saint Michael’s church near the Korenmarkt.

One of the main specialities in Ghent is cuberdon or as it is informally called – nose. These are candies in a shape of a nose and are raspberry flavoured. On the main market, there are two vendors of ‘noses’. Honestly, these sweets were not the best thing I have ever tried. They tasted similar to some chewing gum that was popular when I was a child. But in Ghent, people are crazy about them! - The cuberons, Belgium

The immensely popular sweets – the cuberons or the noses. - The cuberon seller, Ghent, Belgium

One of the sellers of the ‘noses’ in town center.

And don’t let the photos misguide you – it was raining most of the time. And rain in Belgium is really special – it seems it is falling from all directions and having an umbrella does not really help much. In the whole week there was sun for about one hour when most the photos were taken 🙂 My sister said that it was raining for the past 2 weeks and I was lucky to get that one hour. - Raincoat store, Ghent, Belgium

One of the mos useful and important stores in Belgium – the raincoat store 🙂

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