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We really like to try new food when travelling and Hawaii was no exception. In this blog post, we’ll show you some of the food we tried in Hawaii. Food in Hawaii is a mixture of native Hawaiian, Chinese, American food. We were actually surprised that the American influence is really huge as typical fast food joints with junk food could be found everywhere and for finding a typical Hawaiian restaurant you had to search. We will not write much today, just look at the photos. We hope you are not hungry or you will get just looking at these photos 🙂 - Food Trucks, Hawaii, USA

Food trucks are popular, convenient and good prices option to eat in Hawaii. - Chocolate Haupia Pie, Hawaii, USA

Chocolate Haupia (Coconut) Pie is a must-try when you are on the North Coast of Hawaii. It has a layer of chocolate cream and a layer of rich coconut cream. - Mochi Ice Cream, Hawaii, USA

Mochi Ice Cream is a scoop of ice cream wrapped in mochi – a paste from glutinous rice. - Spam Musubi, Hawaii, USA

One of the big hits of the comfort food in Hawaii is Spam Musubi – spam wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed. For us, trying it once was enough as we were not so enthusiastic about it as the locals are. - Shaved ice from an ice cream truck, Oahu, Hawaii. USA

Shaved ice is a popular sweet dish as it is hot during the day. It is basically shards of ice, sometimes with a scoop of ice cream at the bottom. You add flavor with different sugary syrups. - Pineapple Ice Cream, Dole Plantation, Oahu, Hawaii

In Dole plantation they grow a lot of pineapple which they mostly sell but they use some to make fresh ice cream. It is really sweet and good and portions are huge! - Saimin noodle soup, Hawaii, USA

Saimin is a noodle soup brought to Hawaii by Chinse immigrants. We tried one with dim sum dumplings and it was really good. - Fish Taco, Hawaii, USA

Because Oahu is an island you can get all kinds of fresh sea food in Hawaii. On a beach we ordered fish taco from a food truck and it was worth stopping there. - Plate lunch, consisting of garlic chicken, kalua pig and poke, Hawaii, USA.

Typical plate lunch from poke (raw fish salad), kalua pig and garlic chicken on top of white rice. - Garlic Shrimps, Hawaii, USA.

One of the best dishes we tried in Hawaii – giant prawns in buttery garlic sauce.

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