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Walking down the most haunted street in Prague

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We were in Prague twice for the Christmas market, but it seemed much smaller at that time. Maybe because it was so cold that we were just moving from one coffee shop to another. Now, we had more time to properly explore Prague and we had an amazing time!

A new app with walking itineraries

We like to explore new streets and get lost, but we also do not want to miss any of the top beautiful sights. We really love the suggested walking tours in the travel guides, but sometimes they are not there. So we were really excited when we learned about a new app called GPS My City App . What this app does is basically, that it suggests walking itineraries for different cities around the globe. The walks are around 3km long which is a doable walk of a few hours. Prague seemed like a perfect place to test the app. - Printscreen of the app

Printscreen of the app while on the walk in Prague.

Old town in one walk

The most touristy part of the Prague is definitely the Old Town (Stare Mesto). And rightly so, as there are so many sights crowded in a relatively small area. The old town used to be the medieval part of Prague. With the app, we chose a Sightseeing walk where the most popular attractions of one area are joined together in one walk. We started our explorations on a hectic Wenceslas Square, full of shops and hotels. The walk then guided us to some passages, which otherwise we would not ever find. We visited the famous Bethlehem chapel with its beautiful frescoes, where Jan Hus, a famous Czech reformed preached. Nowadays, the chapel is the ceremonial hall of the Czech Technical University. The app worked perfectly and we saw all the best sights on foot. On the map, we could track our exact position and at each sight, there was a short paragraph written on the history of the sight and some stories were added (did you know that the Nerudova street below the Hradčany is the most haunted street in Prague?) - Old Town Square, Praque, Czech Republic

Lively and very touristy Old Town Square. - Bethlehem Chapel, Prague, Czech Republic

The hall of the Bethehem Chapel was where the reformer Jan Hus used to preach. Nowadays, it is a ceremonial hall of the Czech Technical University.

Relaxed Vinohrady and its numerous cafes

We stayed in the area of Vinohrady (Czech for vineyards) which is a beautiful residential neighborhood with charming buildings, hidden parks and trees lining the streets. We went on a Discovery walk of the area to experience the rhythm of the area. The app guided us from one point to another and in one walk we visited the Havlickovy Gardens, a huge park with cafe and restaurant, popular with local families. The path then guided us along the commercial Francouzska Street and more peaceful smaller streets to the square Namesti Miru (Peace Square) where we enjoyed a beautiful view over the church of St. Ludmila and the trams passing the square. The discovery walk was great to explore the area, although the localization did not work as it should, as it was always telling me that we were outside of the area covered by the map. - Peace Square, Namesty Miru, Prague, Czech Republic

A tram passing the Peace Square. - Vineyards, Vinohrady, Prague, Czech Republic

View over the vineyards in the area Vinohrady. - Havlíček Gardens, Grébovka - Havlíčkovy sady, Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful fountain in the Havlíčkovy sady in the Vinohrady area.

Anyway, the app was great and we will keep using it also for other cities. But when you are following the route, do not forget to look up and just enjoy the view!

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