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Spicy, spicy spicy – make it more spicy!

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We were told that spicy food is addictive. The more you have it, the spicier you want it to be. And actually, this is true. I remember my first trip to Thailand 6 years ago. In the restaurants, I had only one condition- not spicy. And even that was sometimes too much. But during the time I developed a love for spicy food and also at home we now make all Asian food with fresh, pickled or dry chili, chili paste, chili jam, chili sauce … - Home-made chili sauce

Home-made chili sauce

Last year our chili sauce was a success. So this year we decided to cook our own chili sauce again. Unfortunately, I am more of a traveller than a gardener and my chili plants were not doing well this year. Luckily, we got some chilies as a gift and cooked our own sauce. 🙂 The main ingredients are (of course) chili, tomato, and lime juice. Below are some images of our cooking process. Just a warning, something Matevž learned last year when cooking the sauce: When you cut the chilies, wear gloves if you want to touch or hold anything the next three days.

Below are our top three spicy foods and stories connected to them. Sometimes, the food we tried was too spicy to finish! But the locals were just laughing because for them the food was just ‘little spicy’.

#1 Fish with chili in Tentena, Sulawesi.

Naively, we thought that the red sauce was a tomato. Wrong – it was chili. Actually, it then made the food a bit better as it concealed that in Indonesia, they do not clean the inside of the fish and it can be very bitter. And as a side dish – steamed rice which is typical for Indonesia. - Fish with chili and steamed white rice

Fish with chili and steamed white rice in Tentena, Malayisa

#2 Fish soup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The soup was spicy and boiling hot. This was our first day in Malaysia and our taste buds were quite shocked when trying this soup. But it was delicious! I managed to eat a few spoons of soup but Matevž was braver and almost finished the whole soup. - Spicy soup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Spicy soup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#3 Laksa in Malacca, Malaysia

Laksa belongs to a must-try food when you are in Malacca. There are many versions of laksa but basic ingredients are coconut milk, lemongrass and noodles. The version we tried was, however, very spicy and I could eat only half before my mouth, lips and half of my face hurt. (But it was nothing an ice-cream could not fix.) - Spicy laksa

Very spicy laksa in Malacca, Malaysia

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